I'm Kaylie - welcome to my little corner of the world!

When I'm not at my day job as a Web Marketing Manager (where I get a ridiculous amount of free coffee!), I like to make delcious food and dream about being a crafting genius. Which, naturally, is where this blog comes in!

While working, cooking, and crafting take up a good portion of my time, I also make room for some of the finer things in life. Namely playing games (World of Warcraft, anyone? Or Harvest Moon, a strangely addictive farming game...) and watching all manner of SciFi shows. Yep, I'm a nerd at heart!

Jared, my awesome husband, also helps out around here. From designing and developing the site to taking photos and filming video, he tends to be a behind the scenes kind of guy. He's also known for swooping in at the last minute to help me with a craft that I just.cannot.make.work. Like I said - awesome!

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