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I'm the baby of the family, which means I relied primarily on homemade gifts for sibling birthdays. "What kind of gifts?" you may be wondering. Here's a small list of a few of the things I made as a child:

  • A car "mat" for my brother, drawn on notebook paper and then wrapped in notebook paper (yep, nothing could go horribly wrong with opening that one...)
  • Homemade birthday cards, with the appropriate change taped inside for the age of the sibling (pretty clever, if I do say so myself!)
  • Toilet paper rolls, filled with candy, wrapped in notebook paper that I colored and twisted up to look like candy (so it's like getting double the candy!)

And, in honor of my oldest brother's birthday, today we are making the "candy" rolls, which were his personal favorite!


  • Toilet paper roll
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • String
  • Candy


  1. Wrap the paper around the toilet paper roll, adding tape to keep it in place.
  2. Tightly twist one end and wrap with tape or string.
  3. Add candy to the roll and repeat the twisting on the other end of the paper.

 Happy birthday, Cory!

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    Big Brother - It's really hard to say, but...probably.

    Posted by Kaylie Kipe, 06/01/2013 7:27pm (7 years ago)

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    You, sister, are amazing! Love you very much for doing this video. But there is a real present coming right? Right?

    Posted by Big Brother Speaker, 23/12/2012 7:34pm (7 years ago)

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