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Chalkboards are cool these days. I don't know when that happened, but it did, so I go with the flow. Plus, I've always liked chalkboards, so I suppose it works out in my favor.

One thing I have seen all over Pinterest is painting metal with chalkboard paint to make a little magnetic chalkboard. So, I headed on over to the dollar store to find the cheapest little piece of metal I could experiment with. It turns out that the dollar store sells small cookie sheets, so one headed home with me to get a makeover!


  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cookie sheet
  • Foam paint brush
  • Chalkboard paint


  1. Wipe down the side of the cookie sheet that you wish to paint with rubbing alcohol, to ensure you are working with a clean surface.
  2. Using the foam brush, apply a light coat of chalkboard paint to the cookie sheet.
  3. When dry, approximately an hour later, apply another light coat.
  4. Continue applying coats, waiting in-between to allow each coat to dry, until you are satisfied with the coverage.
  5. Pair with chalk and fun magnets!

If you want this to have a super long life, you might consider sanding the cookie sheet or coating with a metal primer first. I can see that the chalkboard paint could chip away over time or with heavy use but, given that I was using a $1 cookie sheet, I skipped that step.

Want to hang it up? Dremmel a hole in one handle and add a bit of ribbon! 

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