Snow Globe Jars

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As a kid, I loved snow globes. A whole magical world tucked into a looking glass. Also, it was always snowing but nobody seemed to be freezing their behinds off, which I seriously wished was possible (seeing as how I grew up in a very, very cold part of Colorado).

Now, I know that this isn't as awesome looking or nearly as fun for kids, but these snow globe jars add a bit of last minute holiday cheer for those of us that are halfway through December with nary a sprig of greenery in sight (not even a fake one - I know, I've been lazy!).


  • Canning jar
  • Trees or other figurines
  • Fake snow
  • Hot glue


  1. Remove the lid from the canning jar.
  2. Place a bit of hot glue on the bottom of your tree and press it down firmly onto the inside of the lid, giving it a few seconds to set.
  3. Add fake snow to the jar and screw the lid back on.

I've seen some really cute versions of these, so there really is no end to the little worlds you can create!

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