Tip of the Week: Double Boiler, Double Schmoiler

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Yes, I do know that schmoiler isn't a word. How? Well, first of all, it just doesn't sound like a real word; it sounds like some syllables smooshed together specifically to rhyme with words like "boiler" and "spoiler." Secondly, my spell check told me so. TGFSC!

So, yeah, this post actually has a point. Which is that double boilers are awesome and immensely useful, but not everyone has one. Heck, I cook, bake, and craft on a regular basis and I don't even have one. So, what's a girl (or guy!) to do when they need to gently melt something but don't want to drop cash on a kitchen utensil they may never use again? Grab a jar!

That's right. All you need is a pan, aluminum foil, and a mason jar.

  • Tear off 4 medium sized pieces of foil and roll into strips.
  • Place the strips inside the pan in a grid pattern.
  • Place the mason jar in the pan, in the middle of the grid.
  • Fill the pan halfway up the jar with water.
  • Place the pan over high heat until it begins to boil and then reduce heat to medium.
  • Follow the rest of the directions for whatever you're making!

The foil keeps the jar from resting on the bottom of the pan and the water bath ensures the contents of the jar melt evenly, without scorching.

I just saved you, like, $8. Heck yeah!

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    Jamie - Great to see you here! Thanks for the kind words! I got the invites, so I'm ready to pin. :-)

    Posted by Kaylie Kipe, 07/04/2013 10:39am (6 years ago)

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    GREAT idea! I'm pinning it! Love your blog. Saw your message about pinning on my pinterest boards. It kept telling me there was an error on my picnic and main "Tradition Place" board. Will keep trying. Please remind me again, if you don't get the invites!

    Posted by Jamie Wyatt, 06/04/2013 4:04pm (6 years ago)

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    Good point, Adam!

    You're right, it isn't a true double boiler but it is a great stand-in!

    Posted by Kaylie Kipe, 08/03/2013 8:00pm (6 years ago)

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    This will work for most things, and especially for things you want to keep out of a nice pan, but it isn't a true double boiler because it isn't steam that is heating the inner jar. Still useful though.

    Posted by Adam, 07/03/2013 9:49am (6 years ago)

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