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January 182014

Cream Cheese Mints

by Kaylie | Tags: ,

I was surprised by how many people enjoyed eating these. Not because they're bad but because of how simple they are to make. Simple, that is, if you don't mind getting your hands messy. Seriously, seriously messy. Come to think of it, this would be a great recipe to let the kiddos help with. Kids love getting messy and, while they do, they'll also be making you a sweet treat. In business speak, it's a real win-win situation!

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January 112014

Peanut Butter and Sugar and Chocolate, Oh My!

by Kaylie | Tags: ,

When I set out to make candy and treats this year, I found a recipe I didn't recognize: Buckeyes. Apparently named after the Buckeye nut, these bad boys seemed like a sugar addict's dream come true. So, naturally, I made them...and then ate them.

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January 52014

Butterscotch Candy

by Kaylie | Tags:

This was supposed to be caramel. Then we were pretty sure it became toffee. Then it turns out that it's really a hybrid that tastes a lot like See's Candy butterscotch suckers. Therefore, this shall henceforth be called Butterscotch Candy!

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December 92013

Crazy Easy Walnut Fudge

by Kaylie | Tags: , ,

When I say crazy easy, I'm in no way joking. I've never made fudge before and, even when I thought it was burned, it really wasn't and it turned out delicious. I mean, how can you go wrong with that?

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