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November 162015

Holiday Preparedness Kits

by Kaylie Kipe | Tags: , ,

You know what is almost equivalent to the zombie apocalypse? The winter holidays. Seriously: People trampling others {to get into Walmart at midnight}, way too much eating {though of mashed potatoes and not people} and screaming {typically heard in stores, often performed by young children...and I get it, because stores are a shit show of overwhelming right now}.

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November 302013

Cookie Exchange Invite Printable

by Kaylie | Tags: , , ,

Everyone loves a good, old fashioned cookie exchange! Bring dozens of cookies to a party and come home with a variety (after consuming a large glass of wine or two...or is that only the cookie exchanges I attend?).

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December 242012

Marvelous Marshmallow Cocoa Stirrers

by Kaylie | Tags: , ,

On a recent outing to a friend's house, her son invited me to share a cup of hot cocoa with him, marshmallows required. As he finished off his hot cocoa, he fetched the marshmallows from the bottom of his cup with his hands, making for a happy kid and a messy face. Though I couldn't help but laugh hysterically (sorry Kamber!), he was unintentionally making a great point - marshmallows always end up at the bottom of the cup.

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December 102012

Snow Globe Jars

by Kaylie | Tags: ,

As a kid, I loved snow globes. A whole magical world tucked into a looking glass. Also, it was always snowing but nobody seemed to be freezing their behinds off, which I seriously wished was possible (seeing as how I grew up in a very, very cold part of Colorado).

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December 82012

Opulent Ornaments

by Kaylie | Tags: , ,

Christmas ornaments make me happy. Which is kind of weird, considering I've never had a tree to hang them on (as an adult). Oh well, they're still fun and pretty and sparkly and...that list could go on forever!

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