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November 252013

Thanksgiving Printable: Let's Get Grateful

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I love me some food at Thanksgiving (to be honest, I love food pretty much all of the time). And I'm not accustomed to family conversations about what we're thankful for. However, I think there is value in actually taking a time out to really think about the people and things we are thankful for.

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November 242013

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings Printable

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I've never really understood cloth napkins. I mean, you need to wash them them after each meal. Seems like a bit too much cleaning to me. That said, as I've gotten older (ugh, maybe I should say "wiser"?), I've realized that paper towels and paper napkins are on the wasteful side. So I recently invested in my very first, super adult cloth napkins.

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November 202013

Thanksgiving Dinner Invites

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Ugh, I have been falling behind. Yep, it's a week until Thanksgiving and I am just now putting these up. You know what's worse? I have a few more Thanksgiving things to put up over the next couple of days...and those will be even closer to the holiday.

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November 92013

Owl & Turkey Cupcakes

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Who loves cupcakes? Who, Who? Hehehe, I had to...stop judging me!

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