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March 32013

Tip of the Week: Double Boiler, Double Schmoiler

by Kaylie | Tags:

Yes, I do know that schmoiler isn't a word. How? Well, first of all, it just doesn't sound like a real word; it sounds like some syllables smooshed together specifically to rhyme with words like "boiler" and "spoiler." Secondly, my spell check told me so. TGFSC!

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January 292013

Tip of the Week: Eggnog Latte

by Kaylie | Tags: , ,

Christmas happened a long time ago. New Years has come and gone. I think it's safe to say that the winter holidays are behind us. Which means, sadly, so is the eggnog. It also means that I'm, I don't know, some 8 or so weeks behind on posting this.

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