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March 272013

Slightly Spicy Broccoli

by Kaylie | Tags: , ,

Am I the only one that thinks broccoli is a difficult word to spell? Seriously, I probably think about it for a good 5 seconds every.single.time I write the word.

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October 252012

Garlic & Herb Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

by Kaylie | Tags: ,

Whew, that title was a mouthful! I thought about shortening it, but I didn't want to a) trick those who don't eat cauliflower into reading about this awesome side dish or b) have people skip the recipe because of the inherent lack of nutritional value in traditional mashed potatoes. So there you have it - I was really left with no choice but to spell out the greatness of this recipe...and explain it, apparently.

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