28 Days of Thanks: Books

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I have spent many a day (turned into evenings, turned into late nights) with a book in my hands. I've gotten lost in the hopeful prairie towns of the 1800s, the promise of far off worlds of the future, the despair of WWII, and the warnings of group think.

I have finished books and been left with a sense of complete content. I have also finished books and felt a sense of frustration or need to take action. Books have made me think of what my reactions would be to situations that I may never encounter in life, as well as think back on my reactions to some that have.

Books have given me an imagination. When I was younger, I would write stories in my head to entertain myself while on my long (and often cold) paper route. I wonder how many books I could have written by now if I had put a pen to paper...

I am thankful for all of the books I have read and all of the ones I will read. I am thankful for the authors who wrote them, the publishers who saw their value, the family and teachers that taught me how to read them, and the country we live in that allows me to read any of them without censorship.

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