28 Days of Thanks: Craig

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Growing up, I often resented the fact that I lived in a tiny town. The mall only had one clothing store, the movie theater was small, and everyone in town knew who you were and what you were up to.

However, as an adult, I am incredibly grateful for having grown up in that tiny town I once resented.

I had teachers that knew my potential, as well as my limits, and could take time out to personally work with me on both aspects. I developed friendships in elementary school that I carried with me, in one way or another, all the way through graduation (and some beyond that). I was encouraged to have an imagination and would play outside for hours on end (everything from setting up house in a giant field to playing nighttime hide and go seek). I learned the power of having time to yourself to think and the joy of hopping puddles, testing the ice while crossing creeks, and spending time with family or friends as we walked everywhere we went.

Sure, maybe children who grow up in large cities have the same experiences. I wouldn't know. What I do know is that I am thankful that I had the opportunities and adventures that I did, and I feel that Craig was an important part of that.

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