28 Days of Thanks: My House

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I am thankful for my house. I mean, I am seriously in love with this place. And even though both Jared and I have worked really hard in order to get this house, I still feel incredibly lucky that it is, indeed, ours.

There are some days where I silently curse having a house. There's a yard to take care of and trash day to worry about. There's the settling that is a part of life, but inevitably causes the house to not fit together exactly the way it did when you first bought it. There is the organizing and the cleaning and the DIY project list.

But, even through the little complaints that sometimes creep into my mind, I truly do love being a homeowner. There are no upstairs or downstairs or sideways neighbors to worry about. That yard that can be a pain to take care of? It's mine and I get a little surge of pride when it is green and mowed and pretty. I can put up shelving and organize the heck out of this place until I am blue in the face and, even though I am still unpacking and organizing six months after moving in, it will eventually be just right (Goldilocks predicament!) and we will be settled and it will be perfect.

As for the house itself, very few people have seen it. I am saving it up as a surprise when family comes to visit. I do love it, though, and I think others will too.

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