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Everyone loves a good, old fashioned cookie exchange! Bring dozens of cookies to a party and come home with a variety (after consuming a large glass of wine or two...or is that only the cookie exchanges I attend?).

This year, skip the email invite and instead hand out one of these little cuties. Complete with the when, where, and what (cookies, obviously!) details on the inside, no one can resist the little gingerbread man on the front. You'll pretty much be the coolest cookie exchange host of all time. Just sayin'.

Download the images below and bust out some card stock, because it's time to get printing (and, obviously, eating way too many holiday cookies)!

Cookie Exchange Invite Printable

cookie exchange invite printable inside

You'll want to print these borderless, so jump on over to my Thanksgiving Invite post to get the details on how to do that.

As with the Thanksgiving Invites, if you're using 8.5x11 card stock, you'll want to let your printer scale the image to fit on the page.

If you're not quite sure how the paper feeds through your printer, print one in black and white first. Then flip it over and print the details on the other side, making sure to mark which way you placed up and what side the upside down front was facing (to the left or right). This will prevent you from wasting precious color ink, as you'll know exactly how to feed the paper through to get the details on the inside of the card (rather than the outside or on the inside but not in the right place).

Cut down the center line to create two little invitations and then fold each down the middle.

Then send me a dozen of each cookie from your cookie exchange party. After all, don't I deserve it?

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