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Holiday party season is upon us! Have you sent out your invites? Do you even throw holiday parties?

Personally, I don't do holiday parties. I mean, I go to them if I am invited, but I don't throw them myself. The closest I come to being a holiday party hostess is a movie night with hot cocoa involved. But some people throw them and, for those people, I have put together the handy little printable below. Is it my best printable? Nah, probably not. It does, however, have reindeer and snowflakes and (given that I don't throw holiday parties myself) I feel like you have to give me some credit for that.

There are two versions: Photoshop version and write-in version. If you know how to use Photoshop, download that one and edit the detail layers (labeled "EDIT") to fill in the deets. If you don;t have Photoshop, download the write-in one and use the borderless printing method.

Photoshop Version

Editable Holiday Invite Printable

Write-In Version

Write In Holiday Invite Printable

Enjoy those holiday parties!

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