Poorly Illustrated Dad Jokes: Week One

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Why can't you run through a campground?

You can only ran because it's past tents.

Get it?! Oh yeah, that's a good one. Really, all 'dad jokes' (embarrassingly bad jokes) are pretty amazing. And they're also my bread and butter. No joke, I start my weekly team meeting at work each week with one. I'm pretty sure it is everyone's favorite part of the meeting...

Naturally, of course, I don't want others to miss out on the flipping amazingness that is a good dad joke. So I've decided to illustrate them for the masses. The masses really being for my own enjoyment, because I'm pretty sure even my mom has stopped checking my blog at this point, given the years of inactivity.

Thus begins the series of Poorly Illustrated Bad Dad Jokes. Because nothing quite brings out the greatness of these jokes like the drawings of a (2)8 year old.

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