Quotables Project: You Only Live Once

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You know when you're home sick and you have tissue stuffed up your nose (yes, Jared is a lucky guy) and you think 'This is the worst cold I've ever had', because you think that every time you get sick? Yep, totes me right now.

So I thought I would do something at least semi-productive. Which means learning a little bit more about Photoshop, which means finding a reason to use it, which leads to what I'm calling the Quotables Project. #quotablesproject #justkiddingirarelyusetwitter #imthatpersonthattotallysayshashtaginrealconversation


The quote for the day? “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” - Mae West


Now, go do something crazy and live it up! As for me, I'll be here with my tissues and tea. #yolo

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(Want to print this out for, I don't know, a reminder to be awesome each day? Download a larger version!)

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