So Fresh and So Clean (Clean)

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Raise your hand if you ever buy fruits or vegetables and let them go bad.

Hmmmm, I know there should be more people than that...

You don't mean for it to happen, but sometimes you forget about them for a few days or they go bad much more quickly than you anticipated. It's not your fault.

Yeah - there go a few more hands!

Well, forgetting about fresh food is pretty much the story of my life. As is eating it so slowly that it goes bad in the interim because, you know, I'm one of those adults that struggles to get their daily quota of non-processed food in.

So, relatively recently, I was disturbed to discover that I've just been doing it wrong. Yeah, so you know how you wash those fresh foods shortly before eating or cooking with them? Turns out that is the wrong way...

These days, I run a sink full of water as soon as I get home from the store and dump a cup of vinegar (white or apple cider) on in. Place your fruits and veggies in the sink (placing delicate ones in a colander, so they don't get bruised) and let sit for 10-minutes, then rinse and store.

Are you as perturbed (and by perturbed, I mean ever so slightly unhappy...because it's silly to get upset about long ago wasted food!) as I am that you're just now learning this?

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