Thanksgiving Dinner Invites

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Ugh, I have been falling behind. Yep, it's a week until Thanksgiving and I am just now putting these up. You know what's worse? I have a few more Thanksgiving things to put up over the next couple of days...and those will be even closer to the holiday.

You what's worse than worse? I made all of these things a few weeks ago but have just been too busy to: 1) Put new ink in my printer so I could make sure they would print properly for you and 2) To make an actual post with which I would upload them.

The good news? It's the perfect, polite way to instruct your guests on how they can help with the feast! You know, so Aunt Sally doesn't step on your toes when she brings her "famous" pumpkin pie. Everyone knows the host gets to make the pumpkin pie! ;-) Also, you can use them for next year if this is too late. Consider it being super prepared for the next Turkey Day.

So, first, grab some cardstock and download these suckers!

Thanksgiving Invite Printable

thanksgiving invite printable inside

Then you need to setup your printer for borderless printing. If you're on a PC, I won't be much help. However, if you search for your printer name + "borderless printing" I am sure there will be an article on it somewhere. If you're on a Mac, open the files in Preview and then select File -> Print.

If your printer details are hidden, hit the "Show Details" button.

borderless printing mac 1

Under Paper Size, select "Manage Custom Sizes."

borderless printing mac 2

Hit the "+" button and then change the Non-Printable Area to 0 on each side. Give it a name and hit "OK."

borderless printing mac 3

borderless printing mac 4

Now select your new paper size and you're ready to go! Also, these files are pretty big, so let your printer scale them to fit the entire image on the page (assuming, of course, you are using 8.5x11 paper).

borderless printing mac 5

Print one side and then flip and print the other. I recommend printing in black and white first, so you can get a hang of how you need to put the paper back in the second time in order for the "details" to print correctly on the inside of the card. After all, color ink is expensive (I said that in a French accent, which I had to point out because otherwise you would never know how I sound to myself)!

Then use a handy-dandy paper cutter (I highly recommend this unless you have steady hands...the ones I cut with scissors were seriously jacked up) and fold at the halfway point. You can also use a plastic bone folder - which sounds creepy but really, truly is not - to make crisp fold lines.

So, happy (future) Thanksgiving!

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