Thanksgiving Napkin Rings Printable

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I've never really understood cloth napkins. I mean, you need to wash them them after each meal. Seems like a bit too much cleaning to me. That said, as I've gotten older (ugh, maybe I should say "wiser"?), I've realized that paper towels and paper napkins are on the wasteful side. So I recently invested in my very first, super adult cloth napkins.

I plan to break them out at Thanksgiving, which will be the first Thanksgiving that Jared and I are hosting. In our house. With cloth napkins. Yeah, definitely wiser!

These napkin rings are easy. Just print them out, cut on the line, wrap them around a folded napkin, and connect the ends at the back with glue dots (or double sided tape).

So, download them!

napkin ring download

I used some light card stock and they have a nice weight but can still bend at the sides for wrapping the napkin (without creasing). Depending on the bulkiness of your napkins and the fold you've chosen, you may need to cinch up the rings more or less. Either way, they will work for most combinations.

Now, let's eat!

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