Thanksgiving Printable: Let's Get Grateful

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I love me some food at Thanksgiving (to be honest, I love food pretty much all of the time). And I'm not accustomed to family conversations about what we're thankful for. However, I think there is value in actually taking a time out to really think about the people and things we are thankful for.

As the host/hostess this year, consider having these cards out and about (with some pencils, of course!). You can have them on the island, where everyone hangs about to chat while dinner is prepared. You can have them to one side of each place setting or slip them into the pocket in a folded napkin. You can pass them out to family that night, as you decorate the Christmas tree. You can share your thoughts with family and friends, or you can keep them privately for yourself.

Just dowload the file, print them out, cut on the lines, and you're good to go.

Thanksgiving Card Printable

Wherever they are filled out and whatever you choose to do with them, they are a nice reminder that we should appreciate those around us, be it a holiday or not.

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